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Building the team: We design tailor made seminars and offer a unique teambuilding activity

Do you want to be the best team in your field?


Lena Munk Consult offers a truly unique and effective approach to team development, using a flock of 60 live sheep. Corporate teams are challenged to use their communication and teamwork skills to herd a flock of sheep.


Everyone who takes part in a Får728® workshop is astonished at the amount of practical, hands-on learning that is picked up in a field trying to herd a flock of sheep! Our workshops are tailor made your specific needs.


We use active reviewing and debriefing to engage people in learning from their experiences and benefit the most of a day out of the office. Each group is led by an experienced management consultant.

A unique team building activity

Får728® sheepherding is a truly unique team building activity that is made relevant to your business world by experienced management consultants.

Why the use of sheep?

Responding to change is a challenge common to all aspects of business, but it’s hard to experience for real in a classroom setting. However, this is replicated absolutely by the use of sheep during Får728® team exercises in the field. Their unpredictability is the major difference from other team building activities.

Sheep are unpredictable, so we have to react quickly to their behaviour or needs, thus imitating our response to change in the workplace.

Also, sheepherding creates memorable images to use for effective conflict solving in the workplace.

Company Day Facilitation

Lena Munk Consult offers to facilitate Company Days and Away Days. We tailor our programmes to ensure it fits your current business objectives whilst mindful that there needs to be a high element of participant engagement in order to create a high energy, interactive environment.

Contact Lena Munk for further information: Tel 60 82 08 62.

Teambuilding sheepherding Lena Munk Consult
Team development evaluation Lena Munk Consult

I am so happy. It is an incredibly good feeling that we did all the difficult tasks together

Quote by a Novo Nordisk employee, after being in the field with the sheep for almost two hours.

Lena Munk Consult
Lena Munk, founder of Lena Munk Consult

I am the founder of Lena Munk Consult. I have more than ten years of experience helping people and businesses grow and I have acted as a manager myself.  My passion is developing people and their businesses, and finding solutions to meet my clients' needs.

My experience has come from many unique opportunities spanning a wide range of disciplines within the pharmaceutical industry and the public sector.

I have expertise in organisational development, facilitation of processes, workshops, seminars and strategic program development.

Furthermore, I work with managers to develop their personal leadership.

Education and training

I earned my Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Roskilde and completed my Master in Organisational Psychology years later from the same university. Furthermore, I have completed the postgraduate educational programme in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the University of Basel, Switzerland (ECPM: European Centre of Pharmaceutical Medicine).

Additionally, I have the Insights Discovery Accreditation and I am certified to administer the JTI personality assessment instrument. Furthermore, I am certified in the Team Compass from CfL and the unique Team Culture™ Test. The Team Culture™ Test is a tool that helps all kinds of teams to explore and use their hidden resources.

International Adventure

As part of my Master’s degree I studied one year at Washington State University in the USA and have also worked in the USA (New Jersey) for four months within pharma.

Do you want to move your team forward? 

We will design tailor made seminars and work with you to help the team develop practices that lead to improved performance. We offer the group an understanding of own and others assumptions and behaviours and how that affect how effective the team work on the primary task.

Thank you for your submission. I will contact you as soon as possible. Kind regards Lena Munk

Contact Lena Munk for further information: Tel 60 82 08 62 or fill out the contact form

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